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Considering the enormous success we have already achieved, the time has come to give back to our fellow South Africans and share the tremendous opportunity with you.

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Little LogBook is an essential product for South Africa, and indeed any country in the world.

Since Tax Year starting March 2010, SARS tax laws require that a travel logbook is kept — if any travel benefit is claimed in your tax return, IT’S THE LAW. Keep a travel logbook or lose big time!

Keeping a manual logbook is tedious and the possibility for human failure is inevitable. Little LogBook bypasses the “human” aspect by automatically keeping a logbook of all your trips.

We have been inundated with requests from the public, entrepreneurs, accounting firms and the business sector to become involved in the phenomenon. We believe that Little LogBook can empower anyone with a winning attitude.

Start small or hit the ground running!

It is in this light that we have structured a groundbreaking Reseller Programme. The Programme is based on the same principles as the Little LogBook: “Simplicity & ease of use”

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Accredited Resellers have the exclusive right to use our official stamp of approval!

The use of Little LogBook corporate identity is strictly prohibited unless written permission is obtained from Little LogBook. Approved Resellers will have the exclusive right to use the Little LogBook Accredited Reseller logo. Please email for further information.


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